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Spanish sentence structure: Declarative sentences

You can think of sentence construction like building a pop song. To make both of these things work, you need to put certain elements together, in the right order.Get the order correct and harmony is achieved, but it can be very easy to sound out of key, especially when speaking another language...
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Basics of Spanish pronunciation

I (Conor, from the Lirica team) remember being on vacation in Spain as a child. I had recently acquired a pocket, digital translator and would occasionally feel the need to fulfill basic communication in Spanish and so, would type in individual words and have them regurgitated...
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Best songs to learn basic Spanish

Your brain processes music and language in the same part of the brain. Like speech, lyrics are made up of words held together in a grammatical structure and recited with a certain rhythm. That vocabulary appears in context often elucidating the artist’s culture...
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El perdón Key Vocab with Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias

The song is about a girl that Nicky lost due to his high-paced lifestyle involving a lot of travelling. The song’s music video was filmed...
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Tips for teachers: Make class entertaining with music

Teachers, ever tried using music in class and been pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness? Engaging young people...
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Tips for teachers: Gamify learning

What motivates a young person to learn a language? The answer, of course, is multifold. From what we've seen...
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Music & language: they complement each other

Repetition is a necessary part of learning vocabulary and constructs in a foreign language...
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Lirica: a short history

Lirica was founded by Paul Custance, formerly a Finance Director at Sony Music UK...
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