March 7, 2018

Tips for teachers: Gamify learning

What motivates a young person to learn a language? The answer, of course, is multifold. From what we've seen in testing, one motivation is winning something. The Lirica app uses gamified interactions and a rewards system. Let's see how...

Scenario 1: Get students to play Challenge + set them a target

In Lirica's Play tab, you'll find collections of songs, categorised by genre. Ask your students to click on the song of your choice and go to 'Challenge' in the top right. 'Start game' will bring the student into a game in which they must answer questions as quickly as they can, in a bid to win 10 points rather than 5. Students translate lyrics and fill the gap, amongst other interactions, hearing the song along the way. Over a certain threshold, the player wins a gold disc - over a higher threshold, a diamond disc.

Why not challenge your students to win a dimaond disc?

When they've finished, the Challenge home screen will show how many points they've won and whether they've won a disc. They can screenshot this and show you.

Scenario 2: Test students' vocab memory after a song lesson

Ask your student to find a particular song in the Learn tab, based on a topic that you're currently covering. Have them compete the listening and vocabulary sections of a couple of verses, then test their memory of the words they've learned afterwards.

How are you using Lirica with your class?