Make class entertaining with music
Teachers, ever tried using music in class and been pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness? Engaging young people in language learning can be tough, especially when teaching remotely. Therefore, it’s a great time to try new tech tools with students (especially if they’re being offered for free!).

We’re pretty sure that they won’t be averse to giving an app a go, especially if it gamifies the learning process and simultaneously entertains. We’ve worked hard to make teaching Spanish through music a breeze for you. The teaching guide that we offer after sign-up to Lirica For Schools lets you easily pinpoint the right song lesson for a particular learning outcome.
Scenario 1
Lirica during class
We've tested the app in real life with numerous language teachers and their students. A physical classroom is, of course, a dynamic, interactive environment, but you can make the virtual one so as well. If live-streaming class, why not break things up, by giving students 10-15 minutes to complete a song lesson based on the topic you’re on. That way, they are still in the subject, but it’s kept fresh and exciting.
Scenario 2
Lirica outside of class
You could also set a full song with its vocabulary, listening and grammar modules based on a particular topic as a piece of homework. Get students to send you a screenshot of the song’s home screen - if a learning module is highlighted, the student has completed it.

Check back soon for more tips for using Lirica with your class.