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Music is the answer

Typically our kids (in the UK and the U.S.) perceive language learning as difficult, boring and unnecessary and yet one thing they are all passionate about is music!

Music is the perfect learning tool, the verse / chorus loop is naturally repetitive so words stick in our heads (exactly what you want when learning a second language!), we emotionally connect with the music and the mini-story of a song and so words and grammar are learned in a more meaningful way.

We want every kid in the UK and the U.S. to change their view of language learning = music is the answer, Lirica is the solution, come join the revolution!


Your students can have access to fun lessons, structured based on proven teaching methodologies

Listening and comprehension activities

Grammar and vocabulary lessons

Word learning progression

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We are providing an annual subscription for “Lirica for Schools” free to the first 500 schools who sign up.
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